Center for Contemporary Art and Culture


Feb 1 - Apr 15 // 2018

Straying from traditions of documentary photography, “New Feelings” focuses on artists exploring staged photography as a way of portraying contemporary life, identity, race struggle and history. This pastiche of voices, communities and stories works to find new landscapes and platforms to fully expand the medium of Photography beyond its destine aperture.

Hassan Hajjaj ( Morocco, lives and works in London )
Ayana V Jackson ( New York )
Admire Kamudzengerere (Zimbabwé) & Rachel Monosov (St. Petersburg, lives and works in Brussels)
Mickalene Thomas ( New York )
Rodrigo Valenzuela ( Chile, lives ands works in Los Angeles )

Modou Dieng (Dakar, lives and works in Portland, Oregon)

Hassan Hajjaj, Romancia, 2010