Center for Contemporary Art and Culture

PICA's TBA:16 Bunnybrains

511 Gallery

Sep 1 – Oct 15 // 2016


Part of PICA TBA:16’s Makeup on Empty Space, curated by Kristan Kennedy, Visual Art Curator, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Co-presented with the Center for Contemporary Art and Culture director Mack McFarland.

Dan Seward, also known as Bunnybrains, is a musician, curator and promoter in Hudson, New York, where he runs the celebrated (and somewhat nomadic) record store, John Doe Records. This exhibition focuses on Bunnybrains’ thirty plus years as a transgressive, mutable, collaborative, performative project and what it means to illustrate the life of a true muse. From live broadcasts of Bunnybrains radio show Battlefield Earth, participatory workshops, rotating guest exhibitions, spontaneous happenings and performances, the artist shares their space with you in an effort to vivify “Bunnybrains is all.”

Bunnybrains’ career highlights include a vinyl only pressing with Matador, a national tour supporting Devendra Banhart, a four-CD boxset that garnered raves from the indie press, and opening for a reunited Hawkwind—a set credited with giving the many hippies in attendance bad trips.