Center for Contemporary Art and Culture

Reconstructing Craft: Feminism and Contemporary Ceramics


Mar 22 – Mar 25 // 2017

NCECA’s 51st Annual Conference : Future Flux Reconstructing Craft features the work of four ceramic artists who employ a broad spectrum of techniques used within contemporary ceramics practice to address varying feminist perspectives. Artists: Nicole Gugliotti, Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph, Sarah Tancred, and Shalene Valenzuela.

Free and open to the public: 11am - 6pm. Reception Friday, March 24, 5-8pm

Image: Sarah Tancred

As journey’s end for Lewis and Clark in the early 19th century, expedition and discovery have framed our imagination of the Pacific Northwest. As we pass beyond NCECA’s first fifty years, the interconnection of mind, materials, and transformation at the heart of ceramic process, art and education can serve as trail heads to our future. Our creative work in the 21st century increasingly engages with hybrid practices, issues of diversity, notions of community and dynamic change. How will more sustainable models of ceramic art and education continue to evolve? What are the essential competencies and capacities for ceramic artists and educators today and for the future? How can we continue to draw from rich historic traditions while reinvigorating their relevance in rapidly changing global societies? Portland, Oregon, a city of rivers, makers, and entrepreneurs is an ideal vantage point from which to investigate these questions and others. Join us at Future Flux and help transport us to the ways that ceramic art and education will continue to matter.